Head of the Supreme Court Danishevskaya announced mass dismissals of judges / GORDON

The judges, she said, began to quit because of fears that the High Council of Justice would stop working.

“The judicial system lacked more than 2 thousand judges, and now this figure is growing. At the beginning of September, up to 30 judges resigned a week. We looked at who was leaving the judiciary and why. reaching the age limit in office, because they risk not getting retired if the SCJ stops working. There are also those judges who are tired of these vicissitudes. And these are judges who have successfully passed the qualification assessment. Lack of sufficient number of judges, constantly growing number of cases, indiscriminate criticism from the authorities, the media and the public are the reasons why judges leave the judicial system, “Danishevskaya said.

She explained that within the framework of the reform, representatives of the judiciary are proposing to establish safeguards in the law against unconstitutional actions and to ensure the continuity of the SCJ’s activities.

“For the stability of the SCJ’s work, we propose, in the norm that says about the Ethics Council’s right to stop the powers of SCJ members, indicate the sequence of actions: that the Ethical Council first appoints new members, and then proposes the current SCJ members to undergo a check, which must or pass this check, or resign. Further. The SCJ employs acting judges who have previously passed the integrity test. We believe that such judges should not pass it again. Otherwise, it would be contrary to the Constitution. This is a very fundamental issue. We also propose a change in the approach of “dismissal by the law “because it is unconstitutional,” she added.

Danishevskaya noted that if the reform of the judicial system “fails, then only the judiciary will remain in ruins with responsibility, while others will disperse and disperse.”

In November, the term of office of Danishevskaya herself expires, she stressed that does not plan to run to the post of head of the Supreme Court once again. “For me, it was always only one term,” the judge explained.


In total, there are about 7.2 thousand positions of judges in the courts of all instances in Ukraine, in January, of this number, 1.9 thousand positions were vacant, reported “Ukrinform”… The deputy head of the High Council of Justice, Aleksey Malovatsky, explained that the High Qualification Commission of Judges, which is engaged in holding competitions for judges’ positions, is not working now. He predicted that if it is not launched, the deficit of judges will be 60% by the end of the year.

The presidential representative in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, People’s Deputy from the “Servant of the People” Fyodor Venislavsky said in July that 2.5 thousand positions of judges are vacant.

March 3 Verkhovna Rada adopted in first reading bill on VKKS. U.S. Embassy and Delegation of the European Union in a joint statement on June 16 called on take into account the position of the Venice Commission and provide international experts with a decisive right to vote in the formation of the VKKS. June 29 Rada passed the law… Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed it on September 3.

According to the law, VKKS will consist of 16 members… Eight of them want to be appointed from among the judges or retired judges. The VKKS is considered plenipotentiary, provided that at least 11 members are appointed to its composition.

September 18 High Council of Justice appointed the composition of the commission to elect members of the VKKS… After all members of the VKKS are elected, the commission will be able to begin the procedure for appointing new judges to the courts of general and special jurisdiction.



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