Head of the FFKR Alexander Gorshkov: “I was initially against Medvedeva’s departure to Orser. Returning to Tutberidze is the right decision “- Figure skating

President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (ФФКР) Alexander Gorshkov spoke about the return of the two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva to the coach Eteri Tutberidze.

– While there was no official information, there was nothing to comment on. Zhenya’s position is outlined.

– What is your position?

– I think this is the right decision. I was initially against Medvedeva’s departure to Orser.

– Will Medvedeva be able to return to the previous level?

– It depends on many factors. It is too early to talk about it now. But the decision is correct anyway.

Life is multifaceted. There are different situations that we all go through. In this case, I repeat, Zhenya made the right decision. I do not consider it appropriate to answer the fans.

If we go back two years to this story, then I said that nothing good will come of Medvedeva’s departure to Orser. I don’t pretend to be right, but still. Life is difficult. But in this case it turned out the way it happened.

Tutberidze has a large group of very strong athletes. Eteri Georgievna is an experienced coach. She knows how to properly allocate her time to the students. And more or less of it will be on Medvedev after the departure of some skaters from her group – a matter of mathematics, – said Gorshkov in an interview with Metaratings.ru.

Medvedeva’s return to Tutberidze is not a gesture of despair, but an ideal option. For 11 years, Zhenya was equal only to Eteri

The return of Medvedeva is a special challenge for Tutberidze: she has not worked with such age skaters yet

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