“He won’t hold up for the Scudetto. Kvara? The future Serie A champion is someone else”

A formidable start to the season, an inexorable steamroller in Serie A and in Europe, yet the skepticism towards the Naples it continues to hover outside the walls of Castel Volturno and more generally beyond the borders of Campania.

There are many, in fact, insiders and former footballers who venture into predictions – more or less hopeful – which concern a vertical collapse of Spalletti’s team. The last in chronological terms is the former defender of Milan, Marcel Desailly.

PHOTO: Getty – Kvaratskhelia Naples

Desailly doesn’t believe in Napoli, the opinion on the Scudetto and on Kvaratskhelia

The Frenchman, with a past in the Rossoneri, gave an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport talking about Napoli and the Scudetto race. Here is what was highlighted:

Naples? I love their energy but I doubt they can hold psyched up to the end. They don’t have the rose to hold. Juve and Milan can take advantage of it”.

Then a passage on the current and future champions proposed by Serie A:

Serie A is now a trainer championship. Kvara, Vlahovic, Lautaro. Who can become a champion?
Lautaro can do it. I really like it Vlakhovic but does he really want to become the best? Mbappé and Haaland show yes, while Vlahovic seems a tone below in terms of intensity. Despite this, he has the head, the foot and the talent to be a Van Basten of his era”.

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