“He was still dressed and hanging a purse.” A passerby finds a corpse in Viesturdārzs pond – Society and politics – News

The man saw the silhouette of a man floating near the shore in the water. A call to the emergency services immediately followed, and police officers, doctors and rescuers appeared in the area after a while.

“He was accidentally found by a worker who washes buckets in the pond. He noticed some rags. I didn’t see him nearby, but he was dressed, in shoes, trembling, his bag was hanging. He definitely didn’t go swimming there,” said an eyewitness.

The man’s remains were pulled ashore and handed over to criminal investigators.

It is known that the police have already managed to find out the man’s identity, but the circumstances of what happened are still being clarified.

Whether a serious crime has been committed against a man, or whether what happened in Viesturdarz is still an accident, the responsible officials promise to report after the examinations.

Video: “Degpunkta” story

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