– He was absolutely sick – VG

Runar Berg and Ørjan Berg (tv) in an interview with VG at Aspmyra in 2020.

Twelve years after Runar Berg asked Bodø / Glimt for money, the club is facing a deal that could yield an absurd payment: The loser gets 50 million Danish kroner.


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– He was absolutely sick, which, Runar Berg laughs about the time when, “under pressure” from his brother Ørjan, who sat on the Glimt board, he created a blocked account where people and companies could contribute money.

It was the year 2010 and the idea was that if Bodø / Glimt went bankrupt, people would have to get their money back.

Among the contributions were 200 kg of skrei from a Lofoten fisherman.

– Then there was an announcement and the whole sulamite was underway. People sold lottery tickets and wood and deposited money into accounts. In the city, people threw 200 bills at me and shouted “give this to Glimt,” laughs Runar Berg, who gets a delightful “flashback” from this screenshot:

– Begging at a high level, Berg writes in a text message – with a smiley – about his own behavior.

Now the money flows into the Glimt system. On Tuesday evening and next Wednesday Croatian Dinamo Zagreb will play in the play-offs of CL. The winner goes to the Champions League, the loser goes to the Europa League.

The playoffs have a slightly special cash prize distribution. The loser receives five million euros (around NOK 50 million) from UEFA. The winner gets nothing for the playoffs themselves (but then gets huge sums in the Champions League).

– I think it was really worth it, says Berg of the crown launch he started, when we are talking about tens of millions today.

The “consolation prize” of around NOK 50 million is a one-time payment on top of a fairly high amount in the Europa League.

Glimt is therefore already guaranteed a European income in the order of 100 million.

– Back then it was crucial and you had to build over many years. There have been many who have contributed: businesses, the public sector, fans and players who have lost their salaries. We had a feeling it might just go wrong, but it didn’t, Berg describes.

He is part of the Bodø Berg football family and is one of the club’s greatest players of all time. He is currently employed as a marketing and sales employee at the club.

– We are now actually moving towards one of the major contributors of that era, namely LNS (Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner). Neither Ørjan nor I will be in Aspmyra on Tuesday, we will be in a football school with IL Andøygutten and LNS in Risøyhamn. We can’t wait to sit here with the car full of balloons, he says.

– It’s an incredibly big event. The views have been absolutely stunning lately. Dinamo Zagreb are certainly a good team, but Glimt is too to a large extent.

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