He was a multimedia conductor executed in La Hidalgo

The Juarez Journal

Thursday, October 29, 2020 | 23:07

Juarez City- The man killed tonight at the intersection of Tepeyac and Uruguay streets, in the Hidalgo neighborhood, was identified as Arturo Alba Medina, media coordinator of the Tecnológico de Ciudad Juárez and host of the newscast in Multimedios, confirmed tonight by staff from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat.

Alba Medina received several gunshot wounds and was identified by the television company badge that she carried on her Dodge vehicle, red with Texas license plates.

Eleven ballistic items were seized at the crime scene.

Neighbors reported that just Wednesday night another man had been shot at the same intersection.

They reported that tonight they heard firearm detonations again and when they looked out into the street they realized that the target of the shots had been a person in a red car.

Municipal agents secured the scene so that experts and agents of the State Attorney General’s Office could proceed to remove the body and the ballistic evidence and initiate investigations.


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