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At a press event in India, OnePlus presented, in addition to the top model OnePlus 11, its first ever tablet with a label OnePlus Pad. Some brands might prefer to stay on the ground, but OnePlus is targeting the biggest competitors. It offers an alternative to existing iPads or high-end tablets of the Galaxy Tab S series from Samsung. The tablet is interesting due to its design and the aspect ratio of the display, it has four speakers on the body, it supports a touch pen and you snap a cover with a QWERTY keyboard to it. Yes, we’ve seen exactly that somewhere before…

But let’s start with the display, which is a little out of place. The manufacturer opted for an 11.6″ panel, which has a very unconventional aspect ratio of 7:5. There is no similar tablet on the market. There was no mention of the display technology, so it will probably be an IPS panel with a resolution of 2,800 × 2,000 pix, a fineness of 296 ppi and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The display recognizes the OnePlus Stylo stylus and its maximum brightness is 500 nits.

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The OnePlus Pad is the first tablet of the OnePlus brand. Its specifications promise interesting performance and a wide range of uses

To the 6.54 mm thick metal body, which weighs 552 grams, you clip an additional case with a stand and a QWERTY keyboard. There are four speakers on the sides that support Dolby Atmos surround sound. A 9,510mAh battery awaits under the back cover, which can last up to one month in idle mode. You charge it with a 67W network adapter via USB-C. The back, which is shown in green, we find only one camera in a large photo module. However, OnePlus did not add any further details to it.

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The tablet is powered by Mediatek’s Dimensity 9000 chipset along with 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and fast UFS 3.1 storage. As part of the environment, connectivity with OnePlus phones is expected, as well as content sharing on the display, but specific details will probably be known later. Pre-orders of the tablet will start in April, the price has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer.

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