He wanted to enter a bowling alley in Junín without paying and was trapped in a chimney – Diario Junin

In the early hours of Saturday morning, members of the Junín Fire Department had to go to the Mariano Moreno Club, where a man was trapped in a chimney.

A specialized rescue team was present at the scene and found a trapped man in the chimney of the club’s stove grill, with his body stuck and pressed that prevented him from moving.

After cutting iron, and several maneuvers, they managed to unblock the young man. Once outside, it was found that he was lucid and that he did not suffer any injuries as a result of the event.

According to the online truth, everything would have happened because the boy tried to “sneak” into the dance through the chimney to avoid paying the ticket. According to reports, no judicial action would be taken.

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