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During the 90s, if you bought different French fries, small plastic circles would come out that contained different images of cartoons such as Pokémon or Looney Tunes, among others. The famous tazos became very popular and some people collected them.

Many people also used them to play at recess, but there were others who took care of them and collected them. Years later, there are very few who can boast all the pokes like a TikTok user who has posted a video.

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The pog fan went viral who through short clips shows his different collections ranging from Pokémon to Looney Tuneswhich he claims was the first cartoon that served as inspiration for the tazos to be marketed in bags of potatoes, indicates Milenio.

Now he sells his collections and even has a business where people who want to can contact him and ask for something in particular, in order to complete their collection.

Within the recordings it shows the complete collection of Looney Tunes pogs, which consists of 100 of these objects.

Some people have been interested in buying the cups, but there are others who commented that they are a “treasure” and that instead of selling them, they should keep them.

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