He tries to fool Tesla’s smart pilot by disguising his girlfriend and catches Elon Musk’s eye

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April 24 2020, 3:31 pm

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Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

A British ‘youtuber’ dedicated to creating content on electric cars Tesla tested his Model 3’s intelligent obstacle recognition system with the help of his girlfriend, who dressed up as a road cone to try to trick the vehicle’s autopilot.

By: RT

While previous versions of the smart feature assisted the driver on freeways, Elon Musk’s company is working on a new update that aims to do the same when driving through city streets, identifying pedestrians, signs of traffic or other objects on your way.

The blogger’s Tesla, which already has the beta version of this technology installed, recognized several cones of various sizes placed in front of it, although it incorrectly estimated their number.

Likewise, he identified the garbage cans in the yard, where all the tests were carried out due to the inability to circulate on the street in the middle of the isolation by the coronavirus.

Lastly, when the video author’s girlfriend stood in front of the vehicle wearing a cone costume, or even climbed into a garbage can or held a plastic cone over her head, the system displayed her on her screen as a person most of the time.

The experiment did not go unnoticed by Elon Musk himself, who reacted with humor to a message on Twitter.

Good news for all those who like to wear giant cone costumes in public. Tesla’s vision is intelligent, he will still see you as a human. Ok, sometimes it sees you as a moving cone or a cube. But it doesn’t matter anyway. Any Tesla will stop and avoid any of the three objects ”, reads the publication.

In response, Tesla’s chief executive officer proposed adding “DisguisedCone Person” to the list of options the wizard recognizes.

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