He takes a security guard hostage and makes him kneel with a knife in the throat, arrested in Milan Cathedral – La Stampa

A man was arrested in the Milan Cathedral after he took a security guard hostage under threat of a knife. His interrogation in the Digos offices is underway.

According to the first reconstructions, a foreign citizen was sitting in the square on the steps of the churchyard when a police patrol approached and asked for his documents. He replied giving general information, a 26-year-old Egyptian, to be verified with the photo-signaling.

Suddenly he escaped inside the Duomo, overcoming all checks at the main entrance and took refuge behind the other. When the policemen reached him they saw that he had had a private vigilante put on his knees and threatened him with a knife with a ten centimeter blade.

During the mediation, the policemen, taking advantage of a moment of distraction, managed to block him, handcuff him and take him to the police station.

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