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He swaps his Tesla Model 3 for a new PS5: it happens in Brescia

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Would you ever trade a Tesla Model 3 (Performance to top it off) to get a new PS5? Probably not, yet we know someone who actually did: our friend Matteo Valenza. But let’s start from the beginning.

If you follow ours Videogames section, or the world of video games in general, you know how buying a new PS5 right now is virtually impossible. Launched last November, the Japanese console was distributed in ultra-limited copies, finished in a few days.

Among the fans who were left with a dry mouth there was also Matteo Valenza, who by publishing a story on his Instagram account was contacted by a follower. The user of his community offered to lend him his PS5 just enough time for a review, but Matteo thought: why for so little?

Hence the idea: me I’ll lend you my Tesla Model 3 Performance for a week e you give me your PS5. Pure madness? Well maybe. Lending a car of that caliber to a total stranger, in exchange for a game console worth € 499, is actually not for everyone. Matteo, however, wanted to play with destiny and the story of this absurd story is all in video launched today on his YouTube channel.

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