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One of our most famous confectioners and bakers, Josef Maršálek, is in the program Peče Whole Countrya strict but fair juror whose motto is that stress and tension simply do not belong in the kitchen. In an interview for eXtra.cz, the new godfather of the chefs of the Toprecepty.cz server took all the ridiculers, remcals and querulants who rebelled against the winner of the confectionery competition, Martina, and also revealed whether he shares a kitchen unit with his husband, Petr Tejmel.

Just a pinch

After the victory Martiny in the show Bakes the whole country se well-known Czech confectioner Josef Maršálek as one of the judges of the competition he met with unusual dissatisfaction of the spectators. “The idea that I’m not a juror, but a spectator, and there weren’t many of them, because a million and a half people saw the finals, so I can’t imagine that I would have an opinion, if I don’t even know what’s really going on in that tent.” said Josef Maršálek for eXtra.cz “Besides, none of the spectators except me and Misha Land tasted the food. It may seem like it’s a hogo fogo, but if you bite into it and it’s about nothing, it’s just not an assignment.” he added, adding that he was also surprised that these ugly emotions were mixed into such a good and beautiful meal because of it.

“It was terribly useless and I don’t know at all what gives those people, the audience, not only the reason, but also the power to react in such a way at all, when none of them have ever tasted anything,” disappointed the jury of the show for amateur confectioners and bakers. “It strikes me and goes back to the fact that we are the nation of politicians, doctors, lawyers, police, firefighters, and now we are convinced that we are all confectioners,” said Marshal with a certain amount of irony.

“I don’t get it, but luckily, just between us, the lot of people are two hundred aunts and uncles from one and a half million viewers, so it’s just a pinch,” remarked the Czech confectioner and baker, who is also a supporter of the opinion that negative emotions can be reflected in the result of the prepared dish. “What you mix in that pot, you pull it out of it. I always say in courses that stress and tension do not belong in the kitchen, because those clotted creams and undercooked carcasses, gray chocolate, all come from the way you to that ingredient, to the process and the technology they built, “ introduced us to the psychology of quality food preparation.

Šťouchanec to Beskydy

We met Josef Maršálek at the christening of several beautiful server cookbooks Toprecepty.cz and already at the event in the beautiful restaurant Again and again he rubbed his hands over what recipe he would make. “NI’m most looking forward to dumplings, “ Josef Maršálek said excitedly. “So I’m so inspired that I’m going to buy ingredients right from this party,” he added with the proviso that the most complicated of the whole recipe will be getting bryndza. “I may have to ask Besky if he doesn’t have one with him here,” the godfather of the new cookbooks with the names Our Cookbook, Our Desserts and Our Cookbook 2 laughed.

Although the beautiful winner of the MasterChef Besky competition admitted that she allegedly did not cook for about a year and a half, Josef Maršálek definitely refuted the well-known claim that chefs do not cook at home. “Please, that’s not true. All chefs will cook something here and there at home, and Besky, if she had a husband and four children at home, she probably wouldn’t get out of cooking,” Josef replied with a laugh and nudged the charming Slovak with his answer. “So confectioners also bake something at home from time to time, but I have it connected with the fact that I have a studio with us, so I actually create the things I do for my business partners and clients right at home.” added Maršálek, whose studio is located close to his own garden, from where he can use fresh home-made ingredients directly.

The non-negotiable judge of the Peče Whole Country competition boasted that his life partner Petr Tejml allegedly loves him the most when Josef bakes homemade sourdough buns with jam at home. However, there is only room for one master in the kitchen and they do not cook together. “Yeah, that would be a sudden death in the kitchen,” Marshal declared resolutely. “When we need it, we help each other, but the common cooking moments then slip into the fact that if Petr wants to help, in the end he just peels onions and garlic,” the master confectioner added with a laugh.

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