He saw a Saudi who was overcome with tears… honoring his parents, and his sister responded

With moments of tenderness interspersed with tears of brotherhood, a Saudi woman gave her brother a car in appreciation for his sacrifices in caring for his parents.

A video clip that filled social media in Saudi Arabia received an indescribable reception, as the woman’s voice was heard sending a message to her young brother, Abdul Aziz Shami, thanking him for his sacrifices.

He doesn’t sleep until he’s sure they’re okay

In his speech, he stressed that the young man spent the best days of his life assuming the responsibility of taking care of his parents, eventually becoming the head of the family.

She also went on to say that her fear for her parents vanished, after being assured they were in good hands with her being by their side, expressing her gratitude for what she did.

She told him, “You sacrificed your car, your money, and the best days of your life, to be with your parents and not sleep until you’re sure they’re okay.”

Generous feelings

Interestingly, the video found widespread interaction from social media activists, who spoke out about the virtue of honoring parents and appreciating siblings.

They also praised the sister’s act and the generous feelings with which she returned the favor to her brother.

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