He said that once, I don’t think so, this influencer died of COVID-19. This is the regret

INDOZONE.ID – Dmitriy Stuzhuk, 33, an active influencer in the world of fitness, died and tested positive for COVID-19.

This news is quite surprising considering that Dmitriy previously made a statement of distrust with the virus.

Dmitriy reported on Sunday (18 October 2020) on Sky News that he was sick while traveling to Turkey. After returning to his home country Ukraine, he was hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

The social media star, who advocates healthy living, was discharged from hospital after eight days, but the virus has caused heart complications.

He was then taken back to the hospital. His ex-wife Sofia, 25, said he was in “serious condition” and “passed out”.

“The problem with the cardiovascular system … the heart couldn’t handle it,” he said.

“The situation is very bad. Nobody can do anything about it. I did everything to keep the father of my three children alive. But now nobody depends on me anymore, “he continued.

Sometime later, Sofia announces Dmitriy’s death.

“What remains is only warm memories, three beautiful children and valuable experiences,” he said.

Dmitriy previously posted on social media from a hospital bed that he woke up in Turkey with a swollen neck and difficulty breathing.

He told his 1.1 million followers, “I wanted to share how sick I was and warn everyone.

“I was the one who thought Covid didn’t exist … until I fell ill.

“COVID-19 is not a short-term disease! And it’s difficult. “

Dmitriy and Sofia Stuzhuk separated six months ago and have three children, the youngest is only nine months old.

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