He posted a post and died … Here are the details on the circumstances of the death of the young Muhammad! (image)

The 35-year-old Egyptian young man, Mohamed Al-Absi, died of a health problem he suffered last week.

While the doctor recommended that the young man take complete rest due to his health condition, stressing his need for urgent medical intervention, his employer refused to help him in any way, according to a post posted by the latecomer on his account. Facebook 3 days before his death.

The young man explained the tragedy of his suffering from the disease, lamenting the mistreatment suffered by his employer and his lack of consideration for his situation.

The latecomer indicated that he had asked the employer to give him part of his salary so that he could buy medicines, because the latter was not respecting his conditions.

He also revealed that the doctor recommended that he rest, especially since the nature of his work is very arduous, but his employer was completely indifferent to this.

Within 3 days of his story being published, Al-Absi died after not providing the funds for a medical examination and necessary radiation.

Meanwhile, the incident sparked widespread anger on social media, amid massive criticism of employer behavior and hardness of heart, it said.

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