He made me awake to answer the ball … the first episode

The Public Prosecutor, Counselor, Hamada El-Sawy, ordered the referral of a squash coach in a sports club to the criminal court, for violating the display of 3 girls by force and threats. By their surprise and touching a citizen of their chastity when they were not yet 18 years old.

He made me boast, I would answer the ball

The first victim stated A student in the third grade of high school with details of what happened to her by the squash teacher during the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution, where she told the victim, saying that she had been playing squash for 10 years, and at first she trained in the hunting club, and then she moved to Al-Ahly club on the island and joined the squash team under the age of less than 18 years and was training at the beginning with coach A, When the season ends There has been a change in the coaches who train us, and I have been chosen from among the people that Captain H, will train, and I agreed with him that I would train with him in the places in which he would train, namely Sun Club and a famous complex And he was very interested and encouraged me and said that he loved me and was afraid of me. He would talk to me at night on my phone, and I could not reply to him and he would send me a lot on WhatsApp.

Chase on Whatsapp

He informs me of the dates of the exercise and asks about him: Mama was the one who was spending on appointments with him because she was the one who would reach me, and in the first the exercise was a very normal walk.

Harassment inside a famous compound

And the victim continued That the first incident with the accused took place in a famous compound After about a month of training with him and it was late and there was no one in the place and while playing he was hitting the squash ball in far corners on the field and this was making me very weak to answer the ball and at that time I noticed that he was looking at my body and trying to touch me while he was holding his racket and Mama was there, but she was not She was with us on the field and there was no one on the field with us, and when he did this behavior I ran out, but he apologized and told me that he did not mean that the stadium is narrow.

Becoming short and stubborn

And the victim continued in the investigations that the accused coach At one point during the training, he was walking very normal, and after we finished I met him, he asked me to speak with him while he was out, and I came out with him outside the stadium in a place that is very dark, and he asked that I work Restless, and I refused that I was working, he hit me on the back with a very rigid hand to the point that I gave up and got up, tightened me from my clothes, put me on a wide sidewalk, and made me sleep on my back with good health, and I held myself up, went down the shorts, touched the place of my chastity, pulled me by my hair, and made me sleep on my stomach And he molested me, and from the shock I did not know what to do. After he finished, I ran and rode with the Arab Mama and went, and at that time I was given rigid and pine on me, but Mama thought that I was happy because Wild game.

The Public Prosecution received a letter from the National Council for Women that includes informing the three girls about the aforementioned coach’s indecent assault and harassment of them in different places. They testified in the investigations of the Public Prosecution about the actions the accused committed before them, and that he assaulted one of them by beating and muzzled her mouth to prevent her from resisting her during his assault, and threatened her By defaming her if she told her family about what he did, then she complied with his threat, and that they preferred not to report him ashamed of what they were exposed to in the beginning, then they submitted their report later after his order was announced on various social media sites.


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