He looks as brave as a Yamaha NMAX, this electric motorbike can travel 200 km in one charge, the price is shocking


Leaked looks of electric motors that can travel 200 km on a single charge, looks like Yamaha NMAX.

Otomania.com – He looks dashing Yamaha NMAX, electric motor it can travel 200 km on a single charge, the price is shocking.

Circulating in the market European electric motorcycle that looks like a Yamaha NMAX with the name Trinity Jupiter S.

The body design of the Trinity Jupiter at first glance is similar to the old Yamaha NMAX, especially when viewed from the side.

Coincidence or not, name electric motor made by the German manufacturer is also similar to one of the motorcycles, namely: Yamaha Jupiter.

This Yamaha NMAX-like electric motor is named Trinity Jupiter S.


This Yamaha NMAX-like electric motor is named Trinity Jupiter S.

Apart from the similarities above, if you look closely, the electric motors are actually not exactly the same, especially on the front.

The headlamp looks bigger and tapered upwards, divided into two light clusters.

The default windshield also uses a tall model, combined with a longer rear stirrup which also functions as a touring motorbike-style box bracket.

Another difference can also be seen from the model of the wheels used, giving the impression of gambot with a two-tone color model.

As electric motorTrinity Jupiter S is equipped with a motor with a fairly large power which is equivalent to 22 hp with a top speed of 120 km/hour.

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