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King Charles he “kicked out” Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace after the scandal Epstein. This was stated by a source quoted by the Daily Mail. The Duke of York has been told not to use Buckingham Palace as an office anymore, effectively severing his last ties to his old life as a serving royal, according to the Sun. “Any presence at the Palace has officially ended,” said one source, “the king made that clear. He’s not a serving royal. He’s alone.” According to a source quoted by the Daily Mail, the Duke of York has been told not to use the palace anymore as an office and as an address for correspondence. Cause of great embarrassment for the whole family,

Andrea has practically not been seen in public in recent times, except for the funerals of Prince Philip and then Queen Elizabeth, to whom he was forced to appear in civilian clothes, the only one together with his nephew Harry without a military uniform. In short, for the Royal family closes a parenthesis that brought the wind of scandals to blow again on Bukchingham Palace. Andrea’s story had grieved Queen Elizabeth to a great extent.

Now King Charles wanted to set the record straight with a strong pass, effectively eliminating his brother from any event related to Windsor.

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