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The footballer from Viktorka in Pilsen, Marián Čišovský († 40), lost a long-term battle with an insidious and incurable disease called ALS. He woke up every day for 6 years, saying that he had to endure another day with a developing disease, and he still had a smile on his face. The most beloved stayed beside him as he left. A source close to his family admitted that his last weeks were absolutely tiring for him and his family …

28. 6. 2020 21.54 | Author Klára Šimšová

In addition to the Pilsen football club Viktoria, the family of Marián Čišovský suffered mainly, who lost his match with the insidious disease ALS on Sunday morning, which gradually deprived him of any opportunity to function as a normal healthy person. A source close to his family told CNN Prima News that Marián still believed that a cure for an incurable disease would be found, for which Stanislav Gross died at a similar age.


Soccer player Marián Čišovský died at the age of 40. He succumbed to the same illness as Gross had

In the last stage, he just lay there and blinked

Marian died at home and was surrounded by his loved ones. Martin’s wife, who was with him from the very beginning to the bitter end, and their three children – daughter Tina and sons Maroš with Martin. The couple would celebrate a beautiful 15th anniversary this year, but the fate did not wish the football player. The source admitted that it was very difficult for everyone.

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“It has been very, very cruel for everyone in recent months. Marian could do nothing at all. He was just lying and winking. “ described his close health and added something that makes him cold. “It’s awful to say, but for everyone it’s a way of deliverance. Everyone has literally experienced hell, “ announced a source for CNN Prima News. He added that in the last stage, everything seemed like an eternity.

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The tragic story of Marián Čišovský: He is survived by his wife Martin and three children

He believed he would find a cure and get out of it

“He still believed that there would be a cure, that it would end well. He tried not to accept that terrible diagnosis. But a few months back, he knew he wouldn’t win. The last and worst stage took an awful long time. I smack in front of him, how he managed it, I smack in front of his wife Martina, who took care of him until the last moment with incredible love and dedication, “ ended a close family.

The death of a great fighter and friend also affected his fellow athletes. For example, Daniel Kolář shared a photo from the locker room, where he smirks with Marián. He wrote only
“Thanks”, which can express everything. David Limberský also let go of grief and added a photo to Marián, to which he wrote to see František Rajtoral and David Bystron, who committed suicide.


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