He is Argentine, created a triple impact company that seeks to combat breast cancer and was chosen by the UN

Mamotest, the comprehensive solution for the detection of breast cancer, founded by Argentine Guillermo Pepe, plans to land in Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico and Spain.

30 December 2020 08.30

Mamotest, one of the 2019 Forbes 30 Promises, is a comprehensive solution that breaks down the barriers that distance women from early access to breast cancer diagnosis, which became the number one cancer in the world, narrowly surpassing that of the lung. It is comprehensive because it is more than making available mammograms, but also doctors, all in less than 24 hours. On average, it took us 4 hours to return the report mammogram, versus a woman who goes to the public system and may take 6 to 9 months. We also promote laws so that women have free working days to do their studies and we articulate with governments and NGOs to carry out awareness campaigns, he summarizes Guillermo Pepe, Executive Director of Mamotest.

Although Pepe has been promoting telemedicine and remote diagnosis since 2013, this year, after the health crisis caused by the pandemic, he assures that five years advance by one in terms of the valorization of telemedicine. On the other hand, as Mamotest is a triple impact company, with a special focus on social issues, the message of being together and defeating the virus helped exposure and promoted work with governments.

Today, Mamotest owns 15 centers in northern Argentina and reaches 60,000 women per year with breast diagnosis. The impact, explains Pepe, is measured and validated: for every US $ 1 they are paid, they save the state US $ 10. The health system is broken around the world and the pandemic all did was show it. These types of solutions are needed, he says. We want to be in all the provinces, but it is very challenging to enter each one, he admits.


This year, Mamotest took the opportunity to accelerate the development of the technology itself, more precisely, a platform that manages the images of the studies and contact the patients with the referring physicians, so that they can contact them and notify them in case they have to do something else. In addition, it developed a data and statistics system for referring physicians, a kind of control dashboard for their patients. AND we are developing a robot based on artificial intelligence to contribute to the diagnostic process and for the doctor to have a double check. The bot does not diagnose, but warns when an image is normal and when it is not, so that the doctor can look directly at those that are not normal, explains Pepe, who adds that the robot is learning from the database of 350,000 images that the company has.

By 2021, the project is to take Mamotest to Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico and Spain. For this, the firm is closing your first round of investment, which will have the contribution of a North American health company and a regional co-investor. But also were elected by the UN among 8 health projects in the world as candidates, if they go to the next instance, to go to Geneva and be able to meet with the largest investment funds in the world that invest in high-impact companies – all, as part of the development program for the Sustainable Development Goals, which identifies the companies in the region that provide solutions to achieve the SDGs and, of these, which have globally scalable solutions.



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