He is accused of stealing $10,000 and credit cards on an American Airlines flight.

An Argentine was arrested at the Miami airport accused of stealing credit cards and more than ten thousand dollars from two passengers who were near his seat on an American Airlines flight that had left Buenos Aires.

The 29-year-old was arrested by US Customs and Border Protection officers Tuesday when AA Flight 900 from Ezeiza landed at Miami International Airport.

Flight crew members told investigators they had observed “suspicious behavior” on the part of the passenger, who “repeatedly walked down the aisle of the plane,” had been seated “for a period of time” in a seat that was not his, and was seen holding “what appeared to be a female wallet”.

The policemen searched the defendant’s backpack and found that he had 10,732 dollars, 14,320 in Argentine pesos and two cards that were in the name of one of the victims.

The Argentine was identified as Diego Sebastian Radioa merchant from Morón dedicated to the sale of clothing and hairdressing services.

After the arrest, criminal proceedings were initiated for the crime of theft of values ​​greater than a thousand dollars in Miami-Dade County, by prosecutor Juan González.

what the victims said

In the case file, one of the victims who was traveling with her husband reported that a stewardess told her that she had noticed suspicious activities so he recommended checking his belongings in case he noticed any absence.

At that time, he discovered that he lacked all the money that he carried in his wallet. It was 10,022 dollars and 13,800 pesos. He recognized them among the belongings that the Argentine passenger was carrying because the tickets “had a particular seal.”

Another of the affected people was traveling in the back seat of the defendant. Listening to the stewardess’s alert, she noticed that her wallet was closed and that the cards were missing, plus 700 dollars and 520 pesos.

Radio admitted having stolen money from the personal effects of the victims“Says the complaint signed by Alexander Sorokin, a special agent for Homeland Security.

“There is probable cause to believe that Radio participated in the theft of personal property,” the text concludes.


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