He is a lawyer and asked his ex-partner for $3,000 not to reveal intimate photos

A lawyer from La Plata was arrested for extorting money from his ex-partner, who threatened to spread intimate photos of her. The lawyer asked him for $3,000 in exchange for not revealing the images: in a joint operation with the Police, the woman arranged the meeting to deliver the money and the accused was arrested.

The man was charged with the crime of “extortion” and in the place they seized the Audi A4 in which he was traveling, 30,000 pesos, the cell phone and a notebook with notes.

How the extortion started

As detailed by the researchers, The threats began after the victim decided to end the relationship and the house they shared in a City Bell country estate.

after the breakup, the man insisted on wanting to resume the relationship, but she refused. The 42-year-old accused began asking her for a sum of money in dollars so as not to spread intimate photos of her.

After the incessant threats, the victim made the corresponding complaintand with the intervention of the DDI of La Plata and UFI No. 7, in charge of the prosecutor Virginia Bravo, they set up a “hidden” operation to capture him.

The authorities told the woman to coordinate a meeting with the subject and agreed to pay the amount he was asking for: then she summoned him to a service station located a metro from the Cañuelas roundabout that joins routes 205 and 3.

The sub DDI of Cañuelas participated in the operation and when the lawyer appeared at the scene, the agents finally arrested him.

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