He invests 100,000 euros in the creation of the modern version of the perfume ‘Dzintars’ ‘Rīga Lilacs’

Cosmetics manufacturer “HABrieger” has taken a new step in growth by continuing to develop the perfume offer and restarting the production of the perfume “Rīgas ceriņi” in a modern interpretation, company representatives inform.

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On the shelves of the shops, this eau de parfum in a volume of 60 ml will be recognizable by the new name “Lilac of Riga” and the olfactory notes of lilac have been complemented by the aromas of patchouli and tobacco. The total investment that the company has invested to improve the composition of perfumes, develop new packaging and product design is over 100 thousand euros.

“” Lilac of Riga “is a reinterpretation of the perfume created in 1952 – while keeping the basic formula, we have added a more current” sound “, both in terms of aroma, design and communication”, comments the co-owner and manager of “HABrieger ” Anastasia Udalova.

In the autumn of 2021 “HABrieger” resumed the production of “Rīga Lilacs” in a limited quantity of 500 vials and with the historic aroma formula.

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