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Media mogul, billionaire and presenter Jaromír Soukup interviewed in his show VIP world TV special Barrandov Shopaholicadel. In the interview, some of the more astute fans could notice what Jaromír Soukup has on his mobile wallpaper, it was not a photo of Agáta Hanychová, his current girlfriend, or one of his two children. Soukup has himself on the wallpaper!

It’s a completely normal trend followed by the majority of the population. When you have to choose a wallpaper for your smartphone, you usually choose someone close to you, a girlfriend, a family member or friends, often pets or photos from places you visited on vacation are also on the wallpapers.

Soukup’s weird wallpaper

Stereotypical though Jaromir Soukup he never was. Maybe that’s why you are he put himself on his phone wallpaper. yes you read that right Soukup has himself on the wallpaper! At first glance, quite strange step, rather self-centeredone could argue that until narcissistic. After all, Soukup after all, he has a family, two children and now a pregnant girlfriend Agata Hanychová.

We managed to uncover the fact that Soukup has himself on the wallpaper thanks to a video posted by the show VIP world Special for YouTube spoon Barandov TV. This is an episode with Shopaholicadel, which we already wrote about. If you stop the video at around 14:30, you can clearly see that Soukup really has himself on the wallpaper.

For example, the moderator Petr Vojnar, who shared the photo on Facebook, also struggled with this fact. “If he makes the slower nerds out, so can I,” he wrote eloquently.

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