He harasses her on Facebook and she responds with satanic images

Unfortunately, women are not only harassed on the street, but also on social networks, platforms through which they receive all kinds of messages and even explicit images. On this occasion, a young woman went viral for the particular way he chased away his stalker.

In addition to being harassed in the streets and in public spaces, women are confronted daily with Internet users who repeatedly send them messages through social networks, which often end up insulting them if they do not respond.

through the TikTok social red A video was posted in which a user showed the conversation she had on Facebook with an Internet user who, little by little, started to virtually harass her.

“Good afternoon, my queen. How are you? God bless you, “wrote the stalker.

As expected, using the word “my queen”the young woman was upset, so she decided to apply an unorthodox method to stop the user’s intentions, which consisted of send you satanic images, audios and texts.

At first he sent him a satanic image and, later, a message in indecipherable language. That said, the man replied, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ,” for which he continued to send him terrifying photographs and audios.

To each of the photos and texts in another language, the offender replied invoking Jesusmaking sure she protected him from all digital files the woman he intended to harass had sent him.

From her replies, the internet user would never have imagined having such a conversation on Facebook with the young woman, as her intention was far from receiving “satanic” images, audio and texts.

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Despite not being seen in the video, the user announced that after sending her those files, the subject ended up blocking it of the social network to stop receiving this type of material.

As expected, given this creative method to scare stalkers, the video uploaded to TikTok went viral in a short time, managing to accumulate over 5.7 million views so far, as well as more than 389 thousand “likes” and more than 10 thousand comments. .

VIDEO. The man harasses her on Facebook and she responds with “satanic” images and audio.

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