He had a fever, he went home

Letter Frame should have attended Live – It’s not D’Urso. Precisely in the episode of October 4th. The singer had been invited by Barbara D’Urso to take part in the talk on the “system” that stages fake gossip, which Gabriel Garko talked about. The chair in which Carta was supposed to sit, however, remained empty. He was unable to enter the studio because, at the time of the checks required by the anti-Covid security regulations, he had a little fever.

Marco Carta’s absence from Live – It’s not D’Urso

The Coronavirus emergency has also imposed strict controls on access to television studios. The rules must be meticulously respected to prevent professionals from being infected by Covid-19. Among the checks required to access the studies is the measurement of temperature. Marco Carta seems to have some lines of fever and therefore could not take part in the transmission. The presenter explained:

“We had invited to the studio the first person who has come out of his choice in a television program that is Marco Carta. As you know, before entering we all do some checks. Marco came here but he had a little fever, we also avoided taking the test, he went away and will watch us from home. I’m sure it’s just a small influence“.

He should have participated in the talk on Morra and Del Vesco

In the episode of Live – Non è la D’Urso, broadcast on Sunday 4 October, Barbara D’Urso talked about the fake gossip and relationship between Massimiliano Morra and Adua Del Vesco. According to Enrico Lucherini, who in the past edited the press office of Ares, the love story between the two actors would be fake:

“No story. I think Adua Del Vesco never even kissed him. But neither on the cheek. I never saw them kissing. I didn’t care about this story, because I knew it would be madness to go on with this story. Is Massimiliano really homosexual? This I never knew. I don’t know Morra’s private story. Both in Zagarolo and on the set we slept in bungalows and they slept in two separate bungalows. I don’t think there was a story between them two”.

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