He gets smart in front of a truck, his little game backfires

‘Brake checking’ is simply braking hard to challenge the driver behind you. It is a very frowned upon practice and which, here, ended badly for its author.

As a general rule, when a motorist hits hard on the motorway or in the passing lane, it’s basically to annoy the driver behind him.

This video doesn’t zoom in. The perpetrator, probably in a truck, takes the lead with the blue Peugeot in front of him. Rather than stop here, the latter’s chauffeur then decides to do his smart thing.

Suddenly, he lifts the brake pedal and comes to a screeching halt for no reason in the middle of his lane. Our driver had distanced himself. He therefore manages to stop in time to avoid hitting the blue compact. Unfortunately, not everyone had taken these precautions…

Moments after the arrest, the truck driver filming the scene is hit head-on from behind! Obviously, the driver just behind hadn’t seen this “brake check” session coming.

Like a game of dominoes, the three cars collide one by one. All the fault of a pilot who is a little too fond of small revenges. Eventually it failed.

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