He fell in love with Dad? Felix Slováček in an embrace with a young girl

Felix Slováček and Electric lady

Source: Profimedia

Musician Felix Slováček reappeared alongside the young artist. This time it was not about his former mistress Lucia Gelemová, but about the frontwoman of the Electric Lady music group, Tereza Rays. He placed a photo from the christening of the band’s new album on his Instagram.

VIP events

Felix also went to the baptism of the Electric Lady music group with his old-new partner Dagmar Patrasová. Electric Lady is a band of the rock-pop genre. Her frontwoman is Tereza Rays, who is also a singer, guitarist and songwriter. A number of famous personalities appeared at the baptism, among them the singer Aleš Brichta, the director Tomáš Magnusek and Jiří Krampol, who again arrived together with the beautiful, young actress Kateřina Bláhová.

He won’t remember Gelem

While Felix supplies her social networks with photos of Dada, with whom she attends one social event after another, Gelem only adds her photos, often short videos, where she shows off her outfits. The breakup with Felix was stormy for her, for extra.cz she issued a very emotional statement. “Personally, I am very sorry and I sincerely regret how it all turned out. I loved Felix deeply, loved him and respected him, which I can no longer do. In the situation and the severe moments I was exposed to, I was forced to react and defend myself. If a person does not experience something similar in person, it is difficult to understand it and he cannot objectively assess the situation if he only watches it from the media. ”Slováček did not hesitate for a long time and went publicly to the media. “I’ve told you a lot of ugly things about you, and I realize I should have stopped your behavior as a gentleman. I’m sorry, that shouldn’t have happened. It will not happen again. Life is too short and sometimes too sad for people to complicate each other. And I’m not writing this because you’re threatening me through the media. I’m not afraid of the police, the courts or the publication of any of our recordings. I’m worried about you for throwing up our seven years together like a magic wand. ”Now everything seems to be in the old dorms, and the ex-couple has simply forgotten each other, Felix flows with Dada, and Gelem looks for happiness elsewhere.

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