He faced FC Porto with Sergio Oliveira’s boots and won others

Sergio Oliveira. He was the figure of FC Porto’s rout against Sintrense, by scoring two goals and an assist, but it was also the signature on the boots of a player from the Portuguese Championship team.

«Sergio gave some boots to a friend we have in common, Sandro Giovetti. As Sandro didn’t need it, they were for me, because we even wore the same number. It was with these boots that I played», revealed Gonçalo Pinto.

The 21-year-old midfielder had already told this curiosity to the newspaper A Bola, during the week, and Sérgio Oliveira read it.

“He saw the interview and today he said he had some boots in store for me. In the end, he gave me the boots and we took a picture», said Gonçalo to Maisfutebol, after the meeting.

“He is a very humble player, with brutal confidence. I’ve been following him for some time now, and I see myself a lot in his posture, as a leader and as a team player. He is a different player, and that is why he is at FC Porto and is one of the captains», he added.

Regarding the game, Gonçalo Pinto explained that Sintrense had already expected FC Porto to “enter strong and not make it easy”, but they failed to achieve the mission of “postponing the first goal as much as possible”.

«FC Porto was putting more and more intensity, with the changes», analyzed the midfielder, who entered the second half.

“It was a difficult entry. The game was intense, but the team fought well, with a lot of help. It didn’t. It’s the experience of playing against a team of Champions», referred Gonçalo Pinto, who returned home with another pair of football boots from Sérgio Oliveira.



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