He drives real cars through Hamburg on the computer

Order a car, drive to your destination yourself, park your car – it should be that easy! The world’s first Telefahr service will soon be launched in Hamburg. The vehicle is partly controlled from an office. The outskirts of Hamburg in particular should benefit.

On Sunday, a young man sits in an office in HafenCity and looks at several screens. He has a steering wheel in his hand and drives through Hamburg’s traffic. What looks like a simulation is actually happening in real life. Here a car is driven through Hamburg from a distance.

The office and the equipment belong to the company Vay, which officially entered into a mobility partnership with Hamburg on Sunday. If the Senator of Transport Anjes Tjarks (Greens) has their way, the company should “revolutionize” the car sharing market in the city.

E-cars are controlled using 4G

The concept actually sounds revolutionary: if you book an electric vehicle via an app, it will be driven directly to the specified address without a physically present driver. Then you get in and drive to the desired destination yourself. Instead of having to cucumber around the block looking for a parking space a few more times, the tele-driver takes over again from a distance. He’s looking for a parking space or jets on to the next order.

Transport Senator Anjes Tjarks (Greens) in front of the new car sharing cars.

The electric cars are equipped with all kinds of cameras, so that the tele-driver always has a 360-degree overview. The Telefahr technology runs on the mobile radio standard 4G, whereby several networks are always used to ensure that there are no connection errors.

For two years now, the Telefahr technology has been tested on the streets in Hamburg and Berlin with safety drivers in the cars who could intervene in an emergency. Things should really get going from 2022.

Bergedorf as the first location for tele-cars

Bergedorf, which is one of the areas in Hamburg where local public transport can still be expanded, was chosen as the starting point. Many people are still dependent on their own car and other car sharing providers do not offer their service. Simply because the cars are not moved enough there. However, Vay does not have the problem because the cars can be moved by tele-drivers at any time.

“We want to move further and further away from the private car to the sharing system,” said Transport Senator Tjarks, who emphasized that he expected a lot from the new offer for the Hamburg suburbs.

This is how much Vay car sharing trips should cost

However, some things about the mobility project are still unclear as of today. So it is not yet clear how many vehicles will be part of the fleet from next year and how quickly the range is to be expanded further. “We want to have a three-digit fleet soon,” said founder Thomas von der Ohe only when asked. The exact formalities of how far and to where you can drive the cars have not yet been finally clarified. One wants to collect empirical values ​​first, so von der Ohe.

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The prices that the company will call for the service are also not yet public. However, they should be based on conventional car sharing offers. The offer should also be linked to the HVV and be bookable via the “switch” app.


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