He drew his eyes with a ballpoint pen: a security guard damages a painting worth almost a million euros on the first day of work – Crazy things

The guard, whose name is not named, worked at the art gallery the first day and is now accused of vandalism. Anna Leporska’s painting “Three Figures” (1932–1934) from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery was presented in the exhibition “The World as Bias. The Birth of New Art”.

Fortunately, the vandal did not press the pen while drawing, so restorers will be able to restore the painting.

The damage was noticed on the evening of December 7. The painting was removed from the exhibition and returned to the Tretyakov Gallery ahead of time. It is known that the restoration will cost about 250 thousand rubles (2.8 thousand euros).

Alexander Drozdov, executive director of the Boris Yeltsin Center, confirmed that the security guard was 60 years old and had been hired by a private security organization. Drozdov added that the security guard had used one of the ballpoint pens available in the museum to damage the painting.

“His motives are still unknown, but the administration believes that he was not in his right mind when he damaged the painting,” said Anna Rešetkina, curator of the exhibition.

Museum administrators immediately fired the security guard, and police have launched an investigation into the incident. If the guard is found guilty, he can be fined or up to three months in prison.

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