“He does not know, nor can he fight”

Charlize Theron has no hair on her tongue, much less to speak against men who do not treat women well.

The South African actress is clear that her fame serves to do social activism. That is why Charlize Theron is one of the champions of feminism in Hollywood and does not hesitate to denounce certain colleagues.

The Oscar-winning actress recently conducted an interview on the famous Howard Stern radio show where she spoke harshly about Steven Seagal, calling it “overweight fraud,” in addition to discrediting his martial arts skills.

Theron who is a fan of the UFC and next month will release an action movie on Netflix called “The Old Guard”, so in that context, Stern asked the actress where she got inspiration to train and perform her roles, to which that the Oscar winner replied that “at night I see several wrestlers on the internet, I also see people fighting in tournaments, but you know, I always find that strange video of Seagal where he is ‘fighting’ in Japan, but that we all know that really It is not a fight. “

Theron continued and pointed out: “He (Seagal) is incredibly fat and pushes people. He is overweight and can barely fight … look it up, it’s ridiculous. He’s pushing people by the face. We all know that he cannot, nor does he know how to fight. ”

The video in question.

But Theron’s sharper criticism of Seagal than reserved for the end, noting that the 90s action star and former Louisiana police officer has been charged with sexual assault and rape of multiple women.

It should be remembered that two years ago, in 2018, two women accused Steven Seagal of sexual assault, although he continues to deny it. To those two accusations are added those of other actresses such as Portia de Rossi or Jenny McCarthy who accuse him of sexual misconduct.

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