He discovers an affair between his future wife and the best man: in Catania, marriage jumps 24 hours after the ceremony

Everything had been ready for months: the church, the florist, the photographer, the guests, the venue, the witnesses, the wedding rings. Also fixed the day and time of the happy event, skipped 24 hours before the wedding ceremony for an alleged love affair of the bride, apparently, with one of the witnesses, discovered by chance by the future husband. The marriage canceled a few hours before the fateful “yes” had inevitable consequences. To inform the 150 guests was a relative of the unmarried husband, who also had the thankless task of informing the secretary of the basilica of San Sebastiano, who for his part had understood that something was wrong when at the agreed time. the florist who was supposed to decorate the church didn’t show up. The couple “broke out” is resident in Catania and had chosen the beautiful Baroque basilica of Acireale to marry after a few years of engagement and the promise of eternal love. One of the guests – whose identity we do not reveal for obvious reasons – told us the hottest details of a badly wrecked love, as she allegedly entered into a romantic relationship with one of the witnesses, a close friend of the betrothed. To damage, insult.

The alleged cheater and the failed wedding witness would have been surprised by the fiancé flirting 24 hours after the wedding, so much so that a violent first verbal quarrel would have resulted, ending in physical confrontation, so much so that to separate the contenders the relatives who witnessed the scene in disbelief had to intervene. Teatro della zuffa, a bathing establishment in the Etna capital, under the eyes of hundreds of people. Between the betrayed and the alleged traitor, the fiancée, who saw herself discovered, could not help but confess her love for her friend, with whom it seems that the unconfessable relationship had been going on for months. Moments of tension have been experienced between the two families, who will now have to find an agreement on the expenses incurred, and they are several thousand euros, like a honeymoon in a Caribbean location, paid for and canceled. Mouths sewn in the basilica. When asked about the affair, the rector, Don Vittorio Rocca, diplomatically dismissed the question as follows: “Since the couple did not show up, the marriage was not celebrated”.

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