He died of cold and on the street Raúl Pagano, former keyboardist for Bersuit Vergarabat and Fabiana Cantilo


In the midst of the cold snap that affected a good part of the province of Buenos Aires, Raul Pagano, a former keyboardist for the band Bersuit Vergarabat and Fabiana Cantilo, died on Tuesday with a severe case of hypothermia in the Buenos Aires town of Pinamar.

Pagano, who was part of the first formations of the band led by Gustavo Cordero, lived in a street situation in that seaside town, where he had settled some years ago. He was found unconscious on Tuesday morning at a property located in Constitución and De las Totoras, at a time when the thermal sensation had reached 4 degrees below zero. Hours later, he passed away in a local hospital.

The keyboard player joined the Bersuit in the early ’90s and participated in the recording of the first two albums: “Y punto” and “Asquerosa Alegría”.

One of the first Versuit formations, of which Pagano was a part.

After this second album, which did not achieve the success that the debut had had, the band had some modifications, which included the exits of Marcela Chediak (percussion), Charly Bianco (guitar and voice) and Pagano himself.

The keyboard player later accompanied Fabiana Cantilo and also had some appearances with Fito Páez.

Claudia, ex-wife of the musician and mother of her two children, said that Pagano had serious addiction problems and that 15 days ago he had been hospitalized.

“He was very difficult to help him. He was very intelligent and talented, but also when he was in a bad state it became dangerous to be by his side,” he told the local site Pinamar Diario.


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