“He didn’t leave me and the roses …”

Alessia Fabiani tells his truth about the relationship with Francesco Oppini, imprisoned in the house of Big Brother Vip. Alessia Fabiani was engaged to Francesco Oppini about twenty years ago, when she was in the role of the letter from Passaparola.

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Francesco Oppini said that he was the one who left her: “It’s been about twenty years now – he said in an interview with“ Radio Cusano ”- I’m happy he still has this memory. Honestly I’m not following him and I didn’t know he talked about me. It is absolutely not true that he left me, as well as the fact that I left him the roses in the dealership, here he fictionalized, I have never bought roses to anyone, I am allergic to roses ”.

The relationship with Oppini’s mother, Alba Parietti, was not bad: “It is also not true that I had a bad relationship with Alba Parietti, we had a really good relationship. It makes me strange that he always said he would never do TV and I loved that. Instead he contradicted himself and this is a bit sorry, evidently he has changed and he could not manage not to feel this desire to come out in some way “.

Now a theater actress, she wouldn’t be back on TV: “I only do what I like and what I want to do on TV. I choose the one that is not too demanding, that does not break the balance. I found my serenity in the theater and I don’t want to go back on the character Alessia Fabiani. Today’s TV has really… simple contents, I was good ”.

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