He confesses on WhatsApp his trick to avoid fines and the reaction of a tweeter is legendary

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The WhatsApp logo.

The ingenuity of some tweeters is used to comment on anything from the smallest detail of today to a photo of a WhatsApp conversation.

The turn has come to the user Ceciarmy, one of the best known of the social network. The tweeter has published a capture of a striking WhatsApp conversation.

In it, one person tells another that they have fined themselves. To the astonishment of the recipient of the message, he sends them a photo of his parked car with the ticket on the windshield wiper.

“So they will see that I already have a supposed fine and those who pass will not fine me,” the author writes.

Along with that conversation, the tweeter shared a notification with the following message, as if it were Harvard University: “Are you interested in a scholarship?”

“A true genius,” he has written. The publication has become a viral phenomenon and, in less than 24 hours, it has already exceeded 55,000 I like and the 6,000 shared.

These are some of the responses you have received.

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