He cannot pay for the visit, he offers the doctor a chain, he replies like this

A beautiful gesture of solidarity by a doctor who opens up an insight into the many economic problems that afflict ordinary people after Covid.

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A post is the beginning of a solidarity chain that the dr. Eduardo Ponticiello, medical director of Santobono of Naples, he promoted to help one of his patients in difficulty.

As we read from the post, the woman is witness to the financial problems that have affected many people who made a living working day.

This very humble woman, mother of 4 children and alone, because her husband died falling off a scaffold at work, lived day to day cleaning houses.

With the arrival of Covid, people no longer call her because they are afraid and limit contacts with other people to strictly necessary. When her daughter fell ill she had no way to take her to a doctor and called the doctor who treated her son’s meningitis and asked for a home visit.

At the end of the visit, the woman gave the doctor a steaming cup of coffee and took off the gold chain from her neck, begging him to accept it:

“Doctor, I cannot pay you for the trouble you have caused and I know that you have not asked me for anything, but you must do me another favor, otherwise you mortify me, and I am now putting up with mortifications every day. You have to accept this, because it is with all my heart that I do it “[…] “I can only give you this and a cup of coffee … thank you doctor and may Our Lady be with you”.

Hippocrates association
Photo Facebook

The doctor decided to open a social promotion Facebook page: Nobody touches Hippocrates, “Help us help you” goes the slogan. This association was born to help those like this woman who have been unemployed following the Covid emergency and are struggling to move forward.

The post that Dr. Eduardo Ponticiello published on Facebook telling the whole story it has been viewed and shared many times with the aim of reaching the eyes of those who could offer this woman a job. Meanwhile, thanks to this post, the woman has received food and toys for her children and an acquaintance of the doctor is working hard to offer her a job.

Here is the post we told you about:

“Hands off Hippocrates” brings to your attention a beautiful post by Dr. Eduardo Ponticiello del Santobono …

Published by Nobody touches Hippocrates his Friday 16 October 2020

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