He adds his father to the family WhatsApp group and months later he learns that he is a stranger

Everybody is in somewhere whatsapp group, one of those that make a kind of love hate come out of you that cannot be explained. WhatsApp has changed the way we communicate; you just have to think about how we communicate with our families. Few of them still call their parents every day, because why do it when they can send a couple of messages and a photo at any time? Now, if you think of your WhatsApp family group, are you sure that everyone who is part of that group they are actually your family? Check it out, lest it happen to you like a Jonno Hopkins, a Briton who discovered that the man he believed to be his father in the family WhatsApp group was actually a total stranger.

Jonno’s family (left) was involved in a WhatsApp group, including his father, Peter (or so they believed)

Twitter / jonnohopkins

It all started six months ago, when Jonno added his father, Peter, to the family chat group. In the group they talked about family things, but it seemed that when they discussed them later with their father in person, the man didn’t know what he was talking about. “I would tell him, ‘Dad, you’re in the WhatsApp group, please read the conversations,’ and he would say, ‘Am I?’ I put it down to the fact that he was getting older, ”Jonno says on Twitter, in a thread that has already gone viral.

However, the father was right: I was not in the family chat. The ‘fault’ was the own Jonno, who had made a mistake when creating the group: instead of adding to his contact ‘Dad’, he added a contact named ‘Peter’. That is, a a stranger with the same name had been in the chat posing as the father for six months.

The fake Peter read the group's messages religiously.

The fake Peter read the group’s messages religiously.

Twitter / jonnohopkins

According to Jonno, the thing could have dragged on for years had it not been for his sister, who one day asked ‘if they could add their father to the group’. Puzzled, Jonno checked the numbers, and realized of the error. But how could he not have realized it earlier? Simple: his father not too fond of WhatsApp groups and it was normal that he did not answer or write anything about it.

Now, there was another mystery to be solved: who was the unknown ‘Peter’? Well it was about a plumber named Peter, who had gone to fix your washing machine back in 2013 and who had kept the contact.

“I think after a few months, the fake Peter realized that his time to confess that he was the wrong Peter had passed, so I think that accepted his role as our new father”Jokes Jonno. Of course, he could not play the role for a long time, because after more than six months of loyalty as new landowner, the family kicked him out of the group.

“I feel bad for our father, the fake Peter, but I hope you enjoyed our conversations”.

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