He accused her of using drugs.. Ola Ghanem’s husband denies assaulting her

Ola Ghanem and her husband

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In a new twist to Mayday Ola Ghanem And in which she confirmed that she was beaten, expelled, and threatened with disfigurement with fire water, Abdel Aziz Labib, the Egyptian artist’s husband, denied all the accusations she leveled against him through her appeal to the “Instagram” application yesterday, Monday.

He said, in statements to Egyptian media, that his wife, the artist, is under the influence of drugs, and asked the investigators to examine that, and asked her to speed up treatment for addiction.

He added that he married the artist 18 years ago, and they lived together the most beautiful days of their lives, and they moved between Egypt and America, where he obtained American citizenship.

He also indicated that he was recently surprised by his wife asking him to travel alone to Egypt to conduct medical examinations on her teeth and visit her daughter, indicating that he agreed to her request and invited her to return quickly within a month at most.

take off suit

In addition, the husband continued that after that he received a phone call from his private lawyer asking him to quickly return to Cairo to appear before the court due to a divorce case filed by his wife, stressing that she had already filed the lawsuit a long time ago and was settled by reconciliation.

He indicated that he returned to Cairo to end the matter, and when he visited his wife, he was surprised by the attack of thugs and unknown persons, and called the police, who came to the place and took control of the situation and recorded everything that happened, denying that he assaulted her or threatened her.

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He also said that he loves his wife and hopes to clear the air between them and return again, stressing that her mother is behind these problems because she hates him and controls her daughter and granddaughter and succeeded in making them hostile towards him.

thugs assaulted him

The husband revealed that he was beaten by thugs who were brought by the artist to seize the villa that was designated as their marital home in Egypt, which caused him fractures and cuts in his hand.

For his part, Mohsen Hajjaj, the husband’s lawyer, told Al-Arabiya.net that he submitted a report to the Public Prosecutor proving the injuries suffered by the American businessman, the artist’s husband, and that he was assaulted and beaten by thugs who brought them to him while he was in the villa.

He revealed that a report of the incident was issued at the Abu Nomros Police Station, south of Giza, and a medical examination was prepared for the husband to prove that he had injuries to the face and hand 6 centimeters deep, and a broken arm, stressing that the communication was registered as a misdemeanor against the artist, her mother and others, under No. 1379 Abu Nomros Misdemeanor.

Mayday Ola Ghanem

The artist, Ola Ghanem, surprised her followers by writing a distress call on her Instagram page, stating that she and her family had been beaten and expelled from their home.

And the artist wrote, through her official account, “A distress call to the National Center for Women’s Rights.. Dr. Maya Morsi.. I am the artist Ola Ghanem. I am subjected to violence, oppression, and expulsion from my home. I am exposed to a plot, bullying, and a threat to me and my entire family.. Help me.”

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The artist revealed to “Al-Arabiya.net” that since last Friday she has been subjected to a violent attack by thugs in her home at the behest of her husband, against whom she filed a divorce suit.

She stated that she filed a divorce suit against her husband months ago and was subjected to constant threats of disfiguring him with fire water and beating with Molotov cocktails, noting that she had submitted a report to the security services against him and against the thugs he sought help from.

She added that her husband used women to beat her, including his relatives, stressing that she would not give up her right no matter what happened.

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