HC Bremen is clearly defeated by SG VTB/Altjührden at 19:30

ancients The Oberliga handball players of the SG VTB/Altjührden are brilliantcame out of the six-week winter break. The team of SG coach Patrice Giron sat down on Samstagabend at HC Bremen clearly with 30:19. The start of the game was anything but what Giron had imagined. This is how Bremen led after 14 minutes already with 8:2.“Those were the initial difficulties that were expected after such a long period Pause. We weren’t really focused and didn’t put enough pressure on the Bremen goal. We didn’t have a good rate up front”said Giron. After a breakbecame the SG VTB by the minute better. “The team has reset itselfand refocused,” says Giron. Powered by Lukas Kalafut and Captain Renke Bitter brought dThe guests open gate after gate. To the Pout led Bremen only with 12:11. At half time two let ancients right from the start no betweeneifelcome up with who would leave the hall as the winner at the end of the game. The SG led with five goals in a row after 37 minutes already with 16:12. “All the players supported each other and played himself into a real frenzy,” said Giron happily. Bremen came in 1st again7:18 amazed (44.), yes Altjührden drew away goal by goal in the period that followed and wonthe in the end also earned in height with 30:19. Kalafut received special praise from Giron after the end of the game. “Lukas was very focused, lively, fresh and present,” the Varel coach praised the right-hander, who had previously been out for months due to a persistent foot injury. After recovering from his knee injury, SG left winger Jan Derk Janßen was back in the game. The best scorers at SG VTB were Bitter (7) und Louis Kamp (7/4)followed by Kalafut (6/2). Honschopp and Wollin showed up for Bremen most accurate with five goals each. The next game for Altjührden is coming up Saturday at SV Beckdorf. Throw in the Sporthalle Auf dem Delm is at 7.30 p.m.

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