HBO Max to Release Two Latvian Feature Films – “Māsas” and “Neona pavasaris”

HBO Max to Release Two Latvian Feature Films – “Māsas” and “Neona pavasaris”

“HBO Max” is one of the leading European and global smart television and streaming platforms. Already from September of this year, two Latvian feature films produced by the studio “Trickster Pictures” – “Māsas” and “Neona pavasaris” – will be available to viewers in the “HBO Max” movie catalog.

Producer Matīss Kaža emphasized: “These films are in great demand at world festivals, together with the film actors and representatives of the creative teams we have been to China, India, South Korea, the USA and elsewhere in the world. Both films tell about young people and their problems in very different social conditions, and these are stories that resonate beyond the borders of Latvia. For two studio films to reach a world-renowned streaming platform at the same time is both success and the result of the producer’s dedicated work.”

Linda Olte’s feature film “Sisters” is the story of sisters Anastasia and Diana, who grew up in an orphanage, who are about to be adopted by an American family, but the rebellious Anastasia chooses another path – to find her biological mother. The film won two awards at the Warsaw International Film Festival in Poland, and was also awarded at the Bolzano (Italy) and Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) festivals. The film also won two national cinema awards “Lielais Kristaps” – for the best feature film direction and the best supporting role (Iveta Pole). Although almost a year has passed since the premiere of the film “Sisters”, it continues to be active in the festival circuit; the film is currently being screened with success at Asian film festivals. Emma Skirmante won the best actress award at the Seoul International Children’s Film Festival this week, while Gerda Allien, who attended the event in person in China with her parents, was nominated as the best actress in a supporting role at the “Golden Panda Awards” Panda Awards biennial in the western Chinese province of Sichuan.

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On the other hand, Matīs Kaža’s film “Neona pavasaris” is the story of twenty-year-old Laina, who finds refuge from her family problems in Riga’s underground rave scene, where she falls in love with her peer Gunda. Since its world premiere in Edinburgh, Kaža’s film has also continued to play an active role in festivals, this autumn it will be screened in the competition program at the Lübeck Film Festival in Germany. The film won two national cinema awards “Lielais Kristaps” – for the best work of an actress (Marija Luīze Meļķe) and the best sound direction (Aleksandrs Vaijahovskis).


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