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The Shakedown: Hawaii released in May 2019 also appears for Wii U and Wii – and on disc!

Both versions contain all previously published content and updates, designer Brian Provinciano writes in a blog entry, you can also play them in 4: 3 picture format on old tube TVs.

The Wii version supports 50Hz and 60Hz, NTSC and PAL as well as Wii Remote, Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro and the GameCube controller.

“I took special care to match the gaming experience of the more powerful platforms and further optimized it to fit fully into the Wii system memory,” writes he. “This means that there are no loading times from the disc during the game. Once the game starts, you stay in it!”

The game on the Wii U supports SD and HD, 4: 3 and 16: 9, you can play it with the GamePad, the Pro Controller, the Wii Remote, the Wii Classic Controller or the Wii Classic Controller Pro. It is also completely playable on the GamePad (with touch controls).

Previously, he had Shakedown: Hawaii already ported to the PS Vita, but it wasn’t easy with Wii U and Wii.

“While it still feels like yesterday, it was almost 14 years ago that the Wii came out,” says Provinciano. “Although we have still seen some versions of Wii in recent years, it wasn’t natural to see another. Despite my efforts, it was no longer possible, at least not for North America. Fortunately, the doors at Nintendo of Europe were not yet completely closed so that publication was still possible! Words really cannot express how grateful I am and I cannot thank them enough for all their efforts to make it a reality. It means a lot to me and especially this one Wii discs have a special place in my heart. “

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The Wii version will be released on July 9th and is limited to 3,000 pieces. Provinciano recommends signing up for the Newsletter to register so you don’t miss it. Wii-U and Steam versions will follow in August.

Read more here Shakedown: Hawaii.



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