Havlíček: Drinking alcohol could be reduced in the evening, there are more options

The government no longer wants to shut down the Czechia like in the spring. “I dare say that it will not really happen. We are doing the absolute maximum for it. The goal is to eliminate crowding. We are not going to make a general lockdown like in the spring, we want to let the economy work,” Deputy Prime Minister Havlíček told Nova TV.

It is possible that the drinking of alcohol will be partially banned. “We want to leave the vast majority of establishments, especially of a commercial nature, we also want to leave services. We are still discussing how we will continue to pursue hospitality restrictions. There are more variants. Alcohol could be reduced in the evening, it’s not definitive yet. “ continued the minister.

The new measures will take effect on Wednesday. The economy should be affected as little as possible, according to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), there is no money for another big financial injection.

“We want to set relatively strict hygiene rules. If they are adhered to, we believe that we are able to achieve the goals we need to flatten the curve. “ Havlíček said that the government wants to let the services work, but with greater preventive measures.

In particular, stronger regulations are expected to restrict the movement and gathering of people. They will be discussed by the State Security Council on Monday morning, and Babiš’s cabinet will also consult with the opposition.

“Population aggregation is one of the main causes. It can be assumed that from Wednesday there will be even stricter measures than before. We do not consider the allowed distance from home. Distances will apply where these people meet today, especially in shops, services,” he concluded. Minister.


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