“Having no value …” – Hovhannisyan suffers from unrequited love for mercenary Cherno

While Yosya is “drowning” in sadness, Sasha rejoices at the warm spot on Dom-2.

Sasha Cherno and Joseph Hovhannisyan are long-livers of “House-2”. Although many viewers thought that the show’s “largest” girl could not find her love, the participant proved the opposite. Of course, the relationship between Sasha and Joseph is not perfect, but they have been going on for quite some time. Apparently, the reason for such a long romance is that Hovhannisyan loves Cherno crazy, but she uses it for mercenary purposes.

For Sasha, marriage with Joseph was profitable, because if not for him, then the girl would have long left House-2. Of course, Cherno has said many times that she sincerely loves Hovhannisyan and has arranged many scenes of jealousy. But, apparently, all this was just a performance, and in fact, it was Yosia who suffered from unrequited love. The participant of the TV show shared his thoughts with fans about this.

Hovhannisyan writes that problems in relations between couples often arise because one loves and the other does not. Apparently, Yosya thereby threw a stone into the “garden” of the mercenary Cherno. Further, the words of Hovhannisyan sound even more pitiful, it is noticeable that Joseph suffers from unrequited love. At the end of his “teary” message, Hovhannisyan added: “So that it doesn’t work out like in the proverb“ having not we valued, and having lost weeping, we don’t think about what we mean to our loved ones ”. Apparently, these words were addressed to Cherno in order to somehow influence her attitude.

Of course, it is possible that it was another PR from Sasha and Joseph. Participants of “House-2” often resort to such actions in order to raise their reputation and arouse even greater interest among viewers.



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