Having lagged behind, the Honda HR-V leaves the Hyundai Creta far behind


The Honda HR-V was indeed just launched in March 2022. However, the presence of the latest Honda HR-V is quite anticipated by the Indonesian people. It can be seen from the Honda HR-V sales figures that nearly 20,000 units have been sold at retail (dealers to consumers) through October 2022.

The newcomer looking to take on the Honda HR-V, the Hyundai Creta has been unable to match its successes. For your information, the Hyundai Creta first floored in Indonesia in November 2021. From the retail sales data provided by each manufacturer, the sales of the Honda HR-V appear to be higher.

From January to October 2022, 19,638 Honda HR-V units were sent in by consumer repair shops. Meanwhile, Hyundai said that Crete’s retail sales have nearly hit 14,000 units. Then for bulk sales, the HR-V is even bigger.

The HR-V had sales of 21,783 units (including the older model). While Crete’s wholesale sales reached 14,845 units. However, the Creta is the model that contributes the most to Hyundai’s sales in Indonesia. According to Hyundai records, Crete is quite popular in DKI Jakarta, Bali and Maluku regions.

“We are very satisfied and proud of the sales results recorded in January-October 2022, which increased significantly,” PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia Chief Operating Officer Makmur said in a press release.

Unlike the Hyundai Creta, the HR-V isn’t the biggest contributor to Honda’s product lineup. Specifically for October, the HR-V contributes only 25% of overall Honda sales.

On the other hand, Honda is still quite affected by the semiconductor chip crisis. The Honda HR-V is one of the models affected by the shortage of semiconductor chips. Because of this, consumers have to wait longer for the unit to arrive at home.

This month’s HR-V was quite affected by its production. So again apologies to consumers this month and December (hiccup in delivery). Anyway, the HR-V variant this month and next month is quite affected by the supply of semiconductor chips. Usually we can produce 3,500 (units), this production can only be around 1,500 (units). So apologize to consumers who have to wait longer,” said Yusak Billy, director of Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing at PT HPM, early last November.

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