Have you noticed the new RBC Style logo? Today is the day to support people with cerebral palsy :: Impressions :: RBC Style

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On the first Wednesday of October, on the World Day for Supporting People with Cerebral Palsy, RBC Style is changing the font in its logo to support children and adults with motor disabilities and to talk about the Dobroshrift social campaign

Today we have changed the logo on the website and in social networks to support the Dobroshrift project. This is a real alphabet, for which 33 children with cerebral palsy have written one letter each, and now everyone can use it. The creators of Dobroshrift are confident that the more companies that day join the campaign and change their logo, the more people will learn about the problems of people with cerebral palsy. We also used this typeface to write down favorite quotes from the RBC Style editorial board.

These quotes remind us of real values ​​and inspire us, albeit small, but daily feats. And “Dobroshrift” shows that for a child with movement disorders, a seemingly trifling thing can become a feat – to write at least one letter. You can help such children literally in two clicks. It is enough to go to website “Good font.”

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