Have you given up on transfer? Ronaldo appears wearing 3rd ‘fluorescent green’ shirt at Manchester United

[OSEN=강필주 기자] Cristiano Ronaldo (37) is likely to stay at Manchester United.

Manchester United unveiled the third uniform to be worn by players for the 2022-2023 season following home and away on the 12th (Korean time). The kit, based on a fluorescent green color, drew attention with a design that Manchester United had never unveiled before.

United have traditionally used white, red and black borders. However, the third jersey of the season for Manchester United produced by Adidas this time was something different. This shirt with vivid and geometric patterns is clearly distinguished from the home and away shirts. This shirt is made from 100% recyclable materials.

In particular, United drew attention with Ronaldo, who is suffering from transfer rumors, as one of their models.

Ronaldo, who has a contract remaining on his contract, brought a lot of ripples to the club as he searched for a team that could play in the Champions League this summer. He made direct contact with big European clubs such as Atlético Madrid, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, embarrassment to manager Eric Ten Haach and the Manchester United club.

However, Ronaldo, who refused to join the club on the grounds of ‘family problems’, joined the club when all the clubs who made the offer were rejected, and played as a substitute in the opening game against Brighton.

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The problem is that there are still three weeks left in the transfer window, so rumors about Ronaldo’s transfer continue. In the midst of this, it was natural to draw attention to Ronaldo, who appeared as the third uniform model for Manchester United. In addition to Ronaldo, United have featured Scott McTominay, Fred, Bruno Fernandez, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Jaden Sancho and Marcus Rashford as models. /[email protected]

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