Have you ever been caught alone with Mimi Bayuh in a hotel? Assistant Raffi Ahmad admits to seeing him often

Hops.ID – Voices of proximity Raffi Ahmad with his financial assistant, Mimi Bayuhreturns to the noisy and electrifying virtual world.

It is known that suspicions about the relationship between the two have appeared in the meantime Raffi Ahmad presumably met Mimi Bayuh celebrating birthday in Bali.

It’s not the first time he’s been rumored to be in a relationship, prior to this, Raffi Ahmad he was also caught alone in a hotel with a suspicious figure Mimi Bayuh.

Because Raffi was reportedly not accompanied by his wife at the time. Nagita Slavina but by one of his assistants.

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Through a video shared by the @danunyinyir99reborn99 gossip account, as quoted by Hops.ID on Dec. 6, 2022, Raffi can be seen live on Instagram in a hotel.

And on the sidelines of his life, the father of two would be fed by a woman who presumably was Mimi Bayuh.

“That’s when mum was living indodax in the apartment and within 10 minutes if I’m not mistaken someone fed her even though she wasn’t at the airport it looks like this rotten m*m*h is becoming a Gigi wannabe again,” said account owner @fir** *.

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