Have fun: the beautiful Ruby will show you one of the best baladi dances ever

Thanks for reading the news on Enjoy: Ruby will show you the 10 best dances in my country and now with the details

Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – The singer Ruby attracted attention, after giving a concert in a famous hotel, which was held for a private company.

Ruby presented a number of songs that won the public’s admiration, including “Les Badari Keda”, and also presented her new song, “Heta Tania”, which she presented a few days ago.

Ruby was rumored to have been infected with the new Corona virus, following the decision to release her new series, “Apartment 6”, which was to be broadcast next Ramadan.

And Mahmoud Kamel, the director of the Flat 6 series, confirmed in statements to Sada Al-Balad that the works had finished by the Ramadan 2021 season, explaining that the agency distributing the work found that its exclusive offer outside Ramadan is better than the current period.

The story of the Apartment 6 series
The series revolves around apartment number 6 in one of the buildings where the heroine of the Apartment 6 series Ruby lives with her neighbors, and inside this apartment a terrifying atmosphere is created in which the residents of the building are surprised, and from here the neighbors live to create terror and fear.

Ruby also communicates with supernatural worlds that make her reach a series of facts that will change her life and the path of the characters around her and eventually reach the truth in series.

The heroes of the Flat 6 series
The Flat 6 series with Ruby, Sayed Ragab, Sherif Salama, Salah Abdullah, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi, Hani Adel, Ahmed Badir, Rehab Al-Jamal, Ahmed Hatem and Malak Qura. It is written by Souad Al-Qadi, Mahmoud Waheed, Rafiq Al-Qadi and Nabil Shuaib, directed by Mahmoud Kamel and produced by B Production.

And Ruby’s song “Hitta Tania” was a huge hit and crossed the 6 million mark on her official YouTube channel.

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On the other hand, Hattaniya’s song surpassed Trend No. 1 through the Anghami app. The song is written and composed by Aziz Al Shafei and distributed by Toma

The lyrics of the song say:

Ruby collaborated on the album with distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, Aziz El Shafei, Mustafa Hassan, Touma, Amin, Mohamed Yehia, Bilal Sorour, Hani Yaqoub, Hamza, Khaled Helmy, Ahmed Adel, Nader Nour, Saber Kamal, Jizo and Ahmed Marzouk .

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